Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

Thank You Letters

As I heard the stranger next to me snore
I could see the orange fire roar
The rest of the campsite was mysterious and black
I thought about tomorrow and all I would explore

At Outward Bound, we had a schedule to keep us on track
I would sit in the wet grass and snack
And talk to a girl that was blonde
Then I would put on my heavy green pack

I saw beautiful things and I was fond
Of the mountains, trees, flowers and a huge blue pond
We reached our stop and I was filled with glee
Because we didn’t have to go through trails and beyond

I will miss the butterflies and inchworms we would always see
In the woods with the greenery is where I felt free
I don’t know much, but one thing I can guarantee
Is I will always carry memories of Outward Bound with me

Ariana Velez
Coummunity Academy of Philadelphia
Summer 2018
North Carolina Outward Bound